Emily Besa is a creative consultant who collaborates with individuals to bring out their authentic voice and vision. She is a writer and a stylist.
Whether through styling, writing, and other project-specific consultation in creative matters, I work with you to realize your vision of how you want to look, feel, sound, and convey yourself powerfully and authentically.

As a personal stylist, I provide one-on-one sessions to individuals who find themselves at a crossroads, and don’t feel their current wardrobe reflects where they are, and who they are. I offer closet edits to weed out the clothing one’s outgrown and shopping sessions that are focused on rounding out one’s wardrobe with bespoke or carefully crafted pieces of heirloom quality to last a lifetime.

My guiding principal is the question: how does it feel?
Does it fit well? Does it fit you well?

Originally from the US, I have lived and worked in Amsterdam and London, and have been based in Berlin since 2015. My background includes a decade of working as a costumer and stylist in the TV and film industry in Hollywood, and various projects with arts organizations in Philadelphia and New York. I specialize in collaborating with artists through the craft of writing, fashion styling, and other visual forms of expression.